My Crew

meThe Master Mind

Huskey here.  The mastermind of Huskey’s Randomness.  Here to bring you whatever is on my mind at the moment crazy, serious, or goofy.  I started this page and blog with my only intention being to occupy some free time.  I have a beautiful fiancee and four wonderful kids.  Still trying to find that perfect career as well as a profitable side venture.



My Right Hand

My right hand, my bestfriend, the love of my life, and one of my main reasons for everything that I do.  She can be a dragon lady at times, but I wouldn’t want anyone else to journey through life with.




The Rebel

The oldest of our four children.  The rebel of the bunch.  A goofball at times, a sour puss others.  The first reason why I keep my shotgun clean!  But a great kid smart, beautiful, and funny.




The Little Man

The second child.  The little man of the house.  My back up when I need some muscle.  Good kid, straight A’s, and is always on his video games.



monkeyThe Diva

The third child and probably the most energetic.  Our little energizer bunny Diva child.  Loves to sing and dance and dance and sing.  Also the second reason why I keep my shotgun clean!




ari The Baby Girl

The beautiful baby girl, the youngest of the bunch.  So much personality and so much energy and spirit.  She will go and go and go all day long.  Loves to play with the other kids.  Super good at using our phones for everything from calling people to facebook and youtube.  Especially loves to take selfies.  The final reason I keep my shotgun clean!


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