Open for Business!!!

Alright so I finally have my Online Vape Shop open for business!!  I’m so excited but nervous at the same time.  Marketing for this is very hard since most places will not let me pay to promote being that it is “tobacco related”.  Please stop by and have a look at the site,, and come like us on facebook at

Why Must Electronic Cigarettes Be So Harshly Judged!?!?

I was reading another post that really got me thinking.  So I have been a smoker for 14 years.  I started smoking when I was 13 years old and am now 27.  Just a couple months ago, I jumped onto the Electronic Cigarette, or E Cig, craze.  I am stoked that I decided to do so because in that time I feel healthier ( note healthier not healthy), I don’t smell like smoke and cigarettes any longer, and I have saved a lot of money over that time.  What I don’t get is why in the hell E Cigs have to be scrutinized so heavily.

Ok cigarettes are unhealthy, yes, but that is a lifestyle decision that people make of their own free will.  Even though cigarettes contain over 4,000 different chemicals, all of which are known to cause diseases and cancers, the people still buy and smoke them and the government still allows all of this to happen.  I can understand the banning of smoking inside of buildings to protect the people around you.  What I don’t understand is why E Cigs have to be placed under these same restrictions?

Not allowing minors, under 18 years old, to purchase them is understandable.  Kids should not be making decisions or purchases like that until they are adults and able to do so if they choice to.  E Cigs have been shown to not contain even a fraction of the harmful ingredients of a traditional cigarette.  The liquid, or E Juice, used in an E Cig contains enough ingredients for you to count on your fingers.  These include Propylene Glycol, or PG, Vegetable Glycerin, or VG, liquid Nicotine, and natural or artificial flavorings.  Some standards have already been put forth to ensure that quality ingredients are being used in E Juice, which i completely support.  The PG and VG have to be of USP food grade.  The liquid Nicotine has to be of a certain purity.  Most if not all ingredients found in E Juice are ingredients that you consume on a daily basis anyways when eating.  Why is it that so many people are banning the smoking of E Cigs inside,  you are exhaling a water vapor that contains no trace amounts of anything not the chemically toxin drenched second hand smoke of a cigarette.

Over the last few months, I have saved a ton of money.  A good start up E Cig is around $30.  A new coil for the tank that vaporizes your E Juice is $3 and only needs to be replace once a month, give or take.  A 10ml bottle of E Juice is around $5, give or take depending on where you are buying it from, and can last you anywhere from a few days to over a week.  A pack of cigarettes is over $5 and will last you a day, two if your not a heavy smoker.  You do the math.  I believe that a lot of the laws, rules, and regulations beginning to be slammed down on E Cigs is because of big tobacco companies losing so much money from people making the transition from analog to digital.  I am a firm believer that government is full of lobbyists and people with big businesses in their pocket and they now both have to find a way to make up the money they are losing.

I will not say it is safe and healthy, no, but I will say it is safer and healthier than smoking traditional cigarettes.  Many states are now selling medical marijuana, which once was evil, the devil, and a gateway drug.  How many people drink and drive and kill other people, drink too much and die from alcohol poisoning, or drink for too long and develop health problems because of that.  Why should something that is obviously changing peoples lives for the better be categorized as foul, inappropriate, and wrong just because big business and Uncle Sam say so??

The Fappening Continues: New Leaked Photos

Just when you thought the Fappening was over…..It strikes again!!!  Round two of leaked celebrity nude photos were released over the weekend.  Some of the names involved were Jennifer Lawrence, Gabrielle Union, Rihanna, Meagan Goode, and many more.  Over the last month the internet has been on fire, with many sites actually crashing because they are being overloaded with visitors by posting the leaked celebrity nude photos.

No one yet knows who is responsible for the hacking of the cloud where all of these celebrities photos are coming from.  I have read that several security agencies and other third parties are working hard, trying to locate the hacker.  Many other websites are actually actively banning users and removing pages that are reposting the leaked photos, such as Reddit.  Even still many pages are not and even if they ban everyone and remove them from the internet, they cannot remove the pictures from being saved onto many horny American’s phones and computers.  The damage that has been done cannot be reversed.

It is said to see such an invasion of people’s privacy.  No one should have to go through having everyone in the world knowing what your every nook and cranny look like without you permission and approval.  Even though some of these people did give permission for these photos to be taken and shared with their loved one, boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever, they did not expect for the world you see them.

Even though I do feel for these women’s privacy, I’m not sure I would use any kind of cloud sharing or backing up for any of those kinds of photos or videos.  Especially after the first Fappening back in August, you would think that people would learn there lesson.  I made a joke this morning with my right hand, on our way to work, that they should all start going back to polaroid.  Then won’t have to worry about their photos being uploaded from some hacker.

As well as believing that, yes, their privacy should not have been violated and also believing that it is somewhat their fault as well, especially this second time around, me being a man in my mid 20’s I must admit that I would still want to see the photos myself.  I have not seen them personally but looking at some of the names, I sure would love to along with millions of other men across the world.  I myself love the female anatomy, especially when it is a well built one or a famous one.

The Fappening came and the internet was a buzz.  All was calm, and here came the second cumming of the Fappening.  Are we done with the photos.  Will people stay off the cloud.  Will they catch the hacker behind this.  Or will the Fappening become like the Saw movie series and somehow seem to never end?  Only God knows what will Fappen.

Quote of the Day 9/19

I saw this quote and just felt like I had to share it with all of you.  If only all of humanity had the love and kindness and faith that Mother Teresa had in her heart the world would truly be a better and peaceful place.  If only we could get a select few to believe and act the way this woman did we would be on the right path.

What is Your Biggest Regret

What is your biggest regret

The job that you missed

The woman you didn’t get

Your family time missed

Smoking that cigarette

Not getting that degree

Don’t you wish you could reset

To live a life full of glee

This poem was part of today’s bloggin101 task.  I did not really have a dream reader but it is definitely a new element and style since I do not do poems.  But hopefully you guys still enjoy it.  The topic of “What is your biggest regret” was provided by Apparently Anna.

Quote of the Day 9/18

JFK’s eyes were open to the TRUTH.  This is why he was assassinated.  The government controls us in more ways than you know.  Laws, media, education.  All of these things are controlled by the government and a few top leaders of big business.  Do some research and open up your own eyes to the truth before its too late and YOU are enslaved.

Trapped In The Room With No Doors Or Windows

This short story was inspired by the weekly challenge as well as the riddle below.

 “You wake up in a room with no doors and no windows.  How do you get out?”

Jonny woke up on the cold damp floor of a dimly lite room.  He slowly pushed himself off of the floor, still groggy and unaware of how he arrived there, to examine his surroundings.  There was very little in the room.  A dim light shone through the room, that seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere.  The floor was a dull grey and made of smooth concrete.  The walls were like nothing Jonny had ever seen.  They were of a gloomy blueish hue and were completely solid, with no cracks or crevices anywhere to be seen.  In the center of the strange room, there was a an antique table.  The table was covered cobwebs and intricate woodworking designs of various flowers down the legs.  Despite the fear Jonny felt in this room, somehow he still managed smile as he wiped away the webs to gaze at the beauty of the table.  Jonny noticed a shimmer across the wall as he was admiring the design of the flowers.  It was a mirror.  As he looked into the mirror, he noticed that the glass appeared to move like liquid, like waves flowing across the ocean.  Shivers ran down his spine forcing tiny goosebumps to rise from every hair on his body.  Jonny thought he was going to die in this place.  He stood there frozen.

Suddenly he noticed something in the mirror that was not inside of the room that he was in.  Every ounce of his being told him not to try but he had no choice.  He slowly put his palm against the waves of the mirror and grasped the saw that his mirrored self appeared to be holding.  It worked.  Jonny was confused and astonished at what had just happened as he stood there holding the saw made of an old badly worn wooden handle and a rusted rigid blade.  Jonny sat there clutching the saw for hours, that seemed like an eternity, staring at the table, that he admired so much, wondering what to do since it was the only thing in the room capable of a sawing.  He noticed that some of the flowers on the legs were split in half.  Uneasy, he curiously began to saw the table in half.  The dust fluttered through the dim light of the room like snowflakes and he drew the blade back and forth.  Finally the table snapped.  Inside of the table top, he found what looked like a small single black marble.  It was the eerily the darkest thing he had ever seen.  Not knowing what to do next, Jonny fell to his knees sobbing and stirring up the dust of the table.  In a furious rage he pulled his arm back and launched the marble towards the wall.  Jonny lost his breathe as the marble exploded, leaving what appeared to be a portal.  He could here faint sounds coming from the other side but was unsure as to what it was.  With all hope lost and only one option left to him, Jonny walked towards the portal.  He did not know where he would end up or what would happen, but it was the only way to escape the mysterious room with no doors and no widows.

Beauty is Truly in the Eye of the Beholder

Absolute Beauty

We’ve all heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Do you agree? is all beauty contingent on a subjective point of view?

Beauty is a personal preference, different for each soul, and is not a generic guideline that all must follow.  All societies and cultures around the world have different views on what beauty is.  America has come to portray that the skinny, almost anorexic, supermodels, with bones showing, is beautiful.  I, myself, perceive that in an extremely different light.  Most of these women look sickly to me.  They appear as though if you were to drop them on the sidewalk, that they would shatter into a millions tiny pieces like busting the glass from you car window.  They push this idea of beauty and force millions of healthy little girls to feel like they are fat and unattractive because they are healthy and of normal weight and physique.  America also tries to push the same view on men.  If you do not have big muscles, chiseled abs, nice hairs, and smooth skin then you are not an attractive man.

In many other countries though, beauty has a very different definition than we try to portray here in America.  I came across a post on Business Insider that portrayed perfectly how beauty is in the eye of the beholder and culture plays a huge role in that.  In the article the writer took a photo of herself and sent it to designers across the globe, telling them to photoshop the image to fit what they thought beauty was.  The results vary greatly.  Each photo was different in many ways.  This goes to prove that everyone has a different perspective on what beauty is and that beauty IS truly in the eye of the beholder.