The Fappening Continues: New Leaked Photos

Just when you thought the Fappening was over…..It strikes again!!!  Round two of leaked celebrity nude photos were released over the weekend.  Some of the names involved were Jennifer Lawrence, Gabrielle Union, Rihanna, Meagan Goode, and many more.  Over the last month the internet has been on fire, with many sites actually crashing because they are being overloaded with visitors by posting the leaked celebrity nude photos.

No one yet knows who is responsible for the hacking of the cloud where all of these celebrities photos are coming from.  I have read that several security agencies and other third parties are working hard, trying to locate the hacker.  Many other websites are actually actively banning users and removing pages that are reposting the leaked photos, such as Reddit.  Even still many pages are not and even if they ban everyone and remove them from the internet, they cannot remove the pictures from being saved onto many horny American’s phones and computers.  The damage that has been done cannot be reversed.

It is said to see such an invasion of people’s privacy.  No one should have to go through having everyone in the world knowing what your every nook and cranny look like without you permission and approval.  Even though some of these people did give permission for these photos to be taken and shared with their loved one, boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever, they did not expect for the world you see them.

Even though I do feel for these women’s privacy, I’m not sure I would use any kind of cloud sharing or backing up for any of those kinds of photos or videos.  Especially after the first Fappening back in August, you would think that people would learn there lesson.  I made a joke this morning with my right hand, on our way to work, that they should all start going back to polaroid.  Then won’t have to worry about their photos being uploaded from some hacker.

As well as believing that, yes, their privacy should not have been violated and also believing that it is somewhat their fault as well, especially this second time around, me being a man in my mid 20’s I must admit that I would still want to see the photos myself.  I have not seen them personally but looking at some of the names, I sure would love to along with millions of other men across the world.  I myself love the female anatomy, especially when it is a well built one or a famous one.

The Fappening came and the internet was a buzz.  All was calm, and here came the second cumming of the Fappening.  Are we done with the photos.  Will people stay off the cloud.  Will they catch the hacker behind this.  Or will the Fappening become like the Saw movie series and somehow seem to never end?  Only God knows what will Fappen.


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