Trapped In The Room With No Doors Or Windows

This short story was inspired by the weekly challenge as well as the riddle below.

 “You wake up in a room with no doors and no windows.  How do you get out?”

Jonny woke up on the cold damp floor of a dimly lite room.  He slowly pushed himself off of the floor, still groggy and unaware of how he arrived there, to examine his surroundings.  There was very little in the room.  A dim light shone through the room, that seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere.  The floor was a dull grey and made of smooth concrete.  The walls were like nothing Jonny had ever seen.  They were of a gloomy blueish hue and were completely solid, with no cracks or crevices anywhere to be seen.  In the center of the strange room, there was a an antique table.  The table was covered cobwebs and intricate woodworking designs of various flowers down the legs.  Despite the fear Jonny felt in this room, somehow he still managed smile as he wiped away the webs to gaze at the beauty of the table.  Jonny noticed a shimmer across the wall as he was admiring the design of the flowers.  It was a mirror.  As he looked into the mirror, he noticed that the glass appeared to move like liquid, like waves flowing across the ocean.  Shivers ran down his spine forcing tiny goosebumps to rise from every hair on his body.  Jonny thought he was going to die in this place.  He stood there frozen.

Suddenly he noticed something in the mirror that was not inside of the room that he was in.  Every ounce of his being told him not to try but he had no choice.  He slowly put his palm against the waves of the mirror and grasped the saw that his mirrored self appeared to be holding.  It worked.  Jonny was confused and astonished at what had just happened as he stood there holding the saw made of an old badly worn wooden handle and a rusted rigid blade.  Jonny sat there clutching the saw for hours, that seemed like an eternity, staring at the table, that he admired so much, wondering what to do since it was the only thing in the room capable of a sawing.  He noticed that some of the flowers on the legs were split in half.  Uneasy, he curiously began to saw the table in half.  The dust fluttered through the dim light of the room like snowflakes and he drew the blade back and forth.  Finally the table snapped.  Inside of the table top, he found what looked like a small single black marble.  It was the eerily the darkest thing he had ever seen.  Not knowing what to do next, Jonny fell to his knees sobbing and stirring up the dust of the table.  In a furious rage he pulled his arm back and launched the marble towards the wall.  Jonny lost his breathe as the marble exploded, leaving what appeared to be a portal.  He could here faint sounds coming from the other side but was unsure as to what it was.  With all hope lost and only one option left to him, Jonny walked towards the portal.  He did not know where he would end up or what would happen, but it was the only way to escape the mysterious room with no doors and no widows.


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