Who and What is Huskey’s Randomness???

Well, hello world.  I’m sure all of you are wondering who and what is Huskey’s Randomness.  Well I’m here today to explain just that.  I am Huskey a.k.a The Mastermind the founder and sole blogger of Huskey’s Randomness.  Huskey’s Randomness is just that, my randomness.  This blog is dedicated to all of my random thoughts and opinions that range from far left to far right.

I decided to blog publicly, instead of keeping a journal or what not, because I don’t know I just always thought a journal was a girly thing to be honest.  That and I was bored and figured what the hell.

As of now, my blog “Huskey’s Randomness” is just a place for me to rant about a variety of topics.  So far I have blogged about things like Ferguson, Marijuana, Family, and Sex.  As you can see I will go from one end of the spectrum to the other.

As far as connecting with others through my blog, I do not have any specifics.  For the most part, I am writing for myself and if anyone would like to follow then by all means do.  I have followed a few blogs already, that I find interesting, and just as my blog is random I am following a diverse group of blogs.

Over the course of my blog, I do not plan to really achieve anything.  I’m just happy that some people are enjoying the content that I am bringing to the table.

Lastly to touch on myself again, lol that line just cracked me up.  A little personal bio about myself, I am a 27 year old white male.  I have been through my fair share of exploring different, not all legal, aspects of life.  I currently am a Security Officer/Receptionist.  I am in the midst of planning to start my own website and business selling E Cigarettes and E Juice, which I myself am using in attempts to stop smoking.  I have a fiancee and four beautiful children who I would give my life for.  Other than that I am just your average joe.


3 thoughts on “Who and What is Huskey’s Randomness???

  1. Random, anything-can-happen blogs can be a lot of fun. Go with it! You may find that your emphasis becomes less random as you go.

    Can I suggest that you change your blog header? The electric-green-and-purple on that textured background is holy-crap-ouch on the eye, and will have people scrolling right past it, or hitting the Back button to escape the visual assault.


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