The Little Man’s Creepy Pasta Stories – Vol. 1

One day Aaron Collins had invited two of his best friends over for dinner.  Their names were Todd and Annie.

Aaron’s family liked to eat their dinner one food at a time.

The first meal was Salisbury Steaks.  Mrs. Collins brought the three kids two little Salisbury steaks each.  Mr. and Mrs. Collins got one big steak.

Annie licked all of the steak sauce clean off.  “It makes the steak taste better.”, she said.

Todd gulped his down before Mr. Collins even took a bite.

Aaron savored every sweet bite of his steak.  “It tastes like the best kind of dessert.”, Aaron said.

The next food was baked beans.

Ann ate each one individually.  “My mom makes them better.”, she said.

Todd just pushed the plate aside.  “I’m allergic to beans.”, he said.

Aaron slurped his up quickly.

“They’re tasteless.”, he announced.

Finally Mrs. Collins brought in the last dish.  PASTA………………..


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