A Real Life Story of Destined Love

Once upon a time there was a young boy in middle school.  The young boy interacted with many of the young girls in his school.  He was never a casanova but he did his fair share of testing the relationship waters.  One day he meet a girl that stood out to him over the others.  He was instantly attracted to her beauty, her physique, her personality, and even her flaws.  A flame was ignited, a flame that would fail to be extinguished.  The boy and the girl had many conversations and spent time together going through the motions of the beginnings of a relationship.

Somehow one day, the two lost track of each other, and know one knows how.  Is the story over, far from it.  Over the years to follow, the boy and the girl’s path would intersect again.  Every couple of years, fate would manage to bring the two back together as a boy and girl, as two teenagers, as young adults, and in the end as a man and a woman.  Every the two reunited, it was fireworks.  That flame that was ignited was doused with gasoline and set them both ablaze, until that gasoline burned up and they soon lost each other again.  During the in between both of them had their own story.

The boy never truly felt the way that had with the girl, with anyone else.  He kept brief relationships here and there searching for that same flame again, always unsuccessful.  He worked and enjoyed a life of freedoms and exploring and experimenting.

The girl found a flame that she thought was the same.  Any time she came across the boy again she would hold two flames and he knew that but did not care because he knew that his was brighter and the other would one day die out.  That other flame gave way to three beautiful embers.

Eventually when the boy was a man and the girl was a woman, the other flame grew to nothing.  This provided more oxygen for our flame to flourish.  The man and the woman rekindled their flame and finally had the chance to shine brightly together.  Now almost four years later and a fourth beautiful ember added to their flame, the destined boy and girl are now The Mastermind, The Right Hand, The Rebel, The Little Man, The Diva, and The Baby Girl (reference to my About page) and live happily ever after……………………


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