One Step Further to Entrepreneurialship

cig flowers

Becoming an entrepreneur is no easy task.  Luckily, I am one step closer to my goal of creating a website to sell my own line of e juice.

I believe I have come up with a name for the site and my line of e juice, Queen City Vape ©.  I had to represent my city plus couldn’t think of anything else really catchy, of course that might change.

I have found sites to order most, if not all, of my supplies.  A site for my nicotine base and PG/VG mix.  A site for my bottles, caps, and flavorings.  A site to buy accessories, such as new batteries and atomizers, to buy and resell.  Lastly, I found a site to buy the labels for my product and even have already created a rough draft design.

Now I have location for majority of the supplies needed, a brand name, and labeling material.  I have calculated overhead for each unit, selling prices, and potential profits.  Now my next step, I have to figure out what all licenses or what not North Carolina requires me to have, if any, to create and run an online store.  Once I get these last detailed figured out, it’ll all be a matter of collecting my start up funds.

I can’t wait until my vision is complete.  To begin having extra income and to possibly even create a permanent business for myself.



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