Hopping on the eCigarette bandwagon


E cigarettes are becoming the future.  Even though they have been around for quite a few years, they have just begun to hit the mainstream over the last year or two.  Many businesses are sprouting everyday, on the internet and in your towns.  Recently I have decided to become a part of this huge emerging market.

I have been a smoker for 14 years, since I was 13.  Recently over the last couple of months I have began to convert to vaping.  I still smoke half of the time but try my best to stay electronic.  E cigarettes save you a ton of money compared to the cost of smoking cigarettes nowadays.  Most are filled with an e liquid, or juice, that contains the flavor and nicotine you are vaporizing.  E liquid flavors come in a vast variety.

I just realized that a lot of people now are making DIY juice.  For a very low cost you can purchase all the ingredients to create your own juice and flavor.  All you need for this is a liquid nicotine base, a PG/VG blend, and your choice of flavoring.  You can adjust everything about the juice to your liking.  You can maintain the amount of nicotine your juice contains.  Adding more PG to the mix will make for a stronger thicker hit of vapor.  Adding more VG will allow for more flavor and a smoother hit.  Most people make a nice and balanced 50/50 blend.  You can then create almost any custom flavor you can think of.

I have decided that I am going to begin a website selling my own line of e juice.  Startup is fairly low and the margin for profit extremely high.  With such a huge and expanding market and being able to sell to the entire country helps make for a high chance of success.  Currently I am in the process of trying to find out what rules in NC I need to follow for a legitimate online business.  Also I am about to begin experimenting with possible flavor creations as well as how I will choice to create my bottle labels.  So far the plan seems solid and the future a little brighter.

If anyone can provide any assistance or knowledge in this matter your feedback will be humbly appreciated.


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