The Ghosts of Family Time Spirit

Family time used to consist of dinner together every night, family nights, family outings, and lots of face to face open conversation.  Nowadays family time consists of being in the house at the same time.  I can only imagine what family time of the future will consist of.

Today most of my family’s time spent is everyone being home and doing their own thing in tthe evenings.  Me and my right hand are usually somewhat tired after a day at work and then have to come home and get things done, i.e. cleaning up the house, cooking dinner, and making sure the kids are ready for school the next day.  The kids usually have to get homework done, shower, and eat before it’s time for bed.  Even with all of those things going on we still try to make time to be together.  Most of the time we try to have them all sit at the table for dinner, mostly to keep food and dishes from piling up in their rooms lol, and try to have some small talk conversation for a little bit.  We try to find a movie to watch together at least once a week to have a little more time together.  Other than that it’s mostly us just playing together a little bit or most of us in our own zone during all of our evening “chores” .

In the future how will family time be.  Back to the old times or like how you see on tv.  Will it be similar to today.  Will technology have gotten so advanced that we almost forget other people exist or will there be holograms of everyone we interact with.  Either way it goes, it’s not always about the quantity of time you spend but the quality of the time you spend.


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