Once upon a time the Earth was formed……..and then came the aliens

The ancient astronaut theory.  The belief that the planet Earth has been visited for millions of years, since before the age of the dinosaurs, by extraterrestrial beings from other planets, solar systems, galaxies, and even dimensions.  Can this even be possible?  Are we not alone?


I myself am a believer in the ancient astronaut theory.  How can one be so ignorant to think that we are the only intelligent beings in all of the universe.  The universe consists of millions if not billions of galaxies.  Each galaxies can easily consist of hundreds of solar systems.  We are not even a grain of sand compared to the universe.  What are the odds that out of a countless number of possibilities to have the optimal conditions to support life that Earth is the only one where intelligent life was able to grow and thrive.

The show that really got me to believe this was of thinking was Ancient Aliens.  It comes on the History Channel and they talk about and provide evidence and thought on every aspect of the ancient astronaut theory.  Below I have listed a few examples.

  • Nazca Lines-These lines, which count into the hundreds, are lines carved into the ground in the deserts of Peru.  These lines draw out many figures of animals and geometric shapes, including one human, and the vast majority of them can only be seen from the sky.
  • Megaliths-Pyramids of Giza, Machu Piccu in Peru, and Baalbek in Lebanon.  All of the stone used in these structures weight tons and tons and tons.  Most of the stone used for them were quarried from miles away.  Who and how could of done all of this with the tools they had at their disposal?  We have trouble building structures like this with modern day technology.
  • Annunaki and Sumeria-They say that the Annunaki were extraterrestrials who came to earth and breed with human to progress our evolution with their DNA.
  • Gods and Goddesses-Many gods and goddesses are believed to have an extraterrestrial origin somewhere in their history.

These are just a few examples along with the countless number of different cultures history, who talk about beings coming down from the sky and have many sculptures and drawings of what today we would recognize as an astronaut of sorts.

Food for thought.  I encourage all of you who read this post to sit down and watch a few of the episodes of Ancient Aliens or to do just a little bit of research, open up your mind, let down your pride and ego as a species and really ask yourself……….ARE WE ALONE?


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