Fiending for Game of Thrones. Hurry up George!!

So growing up I was never much of a reader.  I would much rather be playing outside or on my video games or watching a movie.  Even today I am still not much of a reader, but here and there I might pick up something.

One day a miracle happened.  Game of Thrones!!  I am such a sucker for TV shows.  I watch too many shows to list probably, thank God for DVR.  When this show first came out I was instantly hooked.  I’m usually not a big medieval type person but it was something about it that drew me in.  Maybe it was the dragons.  Maybe it was the direwolves.  Maybe it was the things beyond the wall.  Whatever it was I faithfully watched every episode of the first season, and like I do with all of my shows,  almost wanted to cry and throw a tantrum as if I was a child who had just had their candy taken from them.

Shortly after the end of the first season of Game of Thrones, I stumbled across the fact that it was based upon a series of books, Song of Fire and Ice.  This tidbit of information sparked quite an interest that I have never really had.  Somehow I found out that my Grandmother had all of the books out so far in electronic version.  She gave me all of the information to her Kobo account so that I could read them at home on my phone.

First I went ahead and started with the first book like normal even though I had already watched the first season of the show, since most people say that books are better than their movies and have all the details and pieces of the plot that the show or movie left out.  It was amazing!!  The two went almost completely hand in hand as far as the story and details go and from already seeing the show it made it that much easier to visualize every word, even though that wasn’t very hard to begin with.  Within a few days, I had finished the entire first book.  I would read every free second of the day that I had.  As soon as I was finished i read book after book until I was finally current with what is published as of now.

The anxiety was too much to take.  My blood was boiling to know what happened next.  Then the second season came out.  I watched every episode faithfully.  Having already read all of the books and knowing what was going to happen didn’t even make it a spoiler.  They had me hook, line, and sinker.  I would watch the season, super excited to visually see that I thought of in my head as I read the books, and get pissed off as soon as it was over again.

I have been waiting now a year or two, don’t remember when all of this began, for the latest book to come out.  I has been several years now since the release of the last one.  With George R. R. Martin being an “older” guy, he has to finish the rest of the series before all is said and done.  I would literally cry if I was unable to finish the final two books of such an amazing series.  Hopefully even if that does happen, I have heard through the grapevine that HBO actually already knows how the story is supposed to play out and will continue the show no matter what.  You know someone made something truly extraordinary if you can become so enthusiastic about something and even read an entire book series when you never pick up a book any other time.


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