Children: A Blessing and A Curse

Children can sometimes be a blessing and sometimes be a curse.  I am a father to my beautiful 2 year old daughter Ariahna as well as my older three step children Sade 11, Isaiah 10, and Myleah 9.  My beautiful woman I have known since we were in middle school and so I knew the older three a bit before we got together.  For the last almost four years we have been together and living in the same household.  In that time I have learned a lot about children, good and bad.

Children are wonderful, most of the time, and truly are a blessing.  Being in my mid-late 20’s now it is amazing to see and realize the vastness of their imagination and personality.  In my experience, children really do bring back out that part of you that you begin to lose by having to be a part of “society”.  Children come up with some of the funniest and chessiest jokes.  They have some of the most off the wall conversations with you and say of the weirdest things.  It’s amazing to watch a child grow physically and mentally.  To see them come from a tiny innocent baby that cannot do for themselves into a complete person all their own.

While children are a blessing at times they can also seem like a curse and a nightmare.  As a baby you have to change to smelliest and weirdest colored poop that seems to be everywhere.  They are a mess when they eat.  Getting thrown up on is the worst and God forbid it’s not in your face, trust me I know all too well.  As they get older, especially if there is more than one, they cause a mess everywhere that they go all day long.  They fight and argue and cause an unimaginable amount of stress.  It’s impossible to keep food in the house because they are like little human garbage disposals.  Many times I want to literally punch them in the throat or jump off a bridge.

In the end kids will be kids and it is up to you as a parent to take the good with the bad while at the same time molding and grooming them into the upstanding person they are meant to be in life.  When the shit hits the fan, literally, just remember this shall pass.  I mean it’s only about 18 years until your free right?  All in all I love all of my kids to death and would do anything for them.  I am so proud of the people that they are becoming and cannot wait until they one day grow up to have children of their own and realize the same joy and pain that they put us through.


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