The Controversy of Ferguson

As everyone is well aware ,on August 9th an unarmed 18 year old African American male, Michael Brown, was shot dead in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri by Police Officer Darren Wilson.  This action caused an amount of civil unrest, nationwide, not seen in decades.

Michael Brown

Darren Wilson

      It is no secret that mainstream media loves to boost their ratings with the controversial murders of young black males in America.  This incident was no different.  Following the death of Micheal Brown the media covered the protests, demonstrations, and riots that ravaged Ferguson day in and day out.  Protesters threw rocks, bottles, and molotov cocktails towards police.  They broke into stores, robbed the stores, and even burned them to the ground.  Meanwhile Ferguson police department and surrounding departments rolled through the streets in armored vehicles, wearing full body armor and gas masks, and equipped with riot shields, assault rifles, and grenade launchers.  They used tear gas, rubber bullets, flash grenades, and even threatened to kill innocent protesters, women, and children.  This was something straight from a movie it seemed.  Violence and military style police (a blog all its own for a later date) battling head to head in the streets.  What the media failed to cover was the peaceful protests throughout the days, they usually fail to cover the good deeds that many Police Officers do everyday.  Why is this?  Why does the media always portray the worst of a situation and barely ever show you the positive that is taking place at the same time in the same place?

     The same as above goes for the character of Michael Brown and the person he was.  Most of the media accounts portray Michael as a thug and a criminal.  Was he or was he not?  That is not my place to judge, for I did not know Michael Brown.  The media was heavy on the strong arm robbery video that seemed to depict Michael stealing from a store and attacking the clerk along with his friend earlier that day prior to his death.  The showed pictures of Michael using what appeared to be gang signs and wearing clothes that made him seem like a thug.  Barely did they show pictures of Michael’s graduation from High School, pictures with his family, or any other positive looking pictures of him.  They tried to slander his name by saying how he smoked weed and drank alcohol.  In today’s day and age how many of our youth do not try those things especially in the transition period of your life from High School to College, where Michael was on his way to.

As for my final personal thoughts, I do believe that was Michael Brown in the surveillance footage.  I say this because several times I compared the person in the video with the video of Michael Brown laying dead in the street.  Even though I do believe that he committed the crime that took place at the store I do NOT believe that he should have been shot dead.  Even though there is no clear evidence as to the events that took place when Officer Darren Wilson stopped them, no one knows which one of them was the instigator of the situation leading to Michael’s death.  If he attacked the officer or if he really did run away and surrender he should still be alive today in my opinion.  I truly do hope that some clear concise evidence surfaces that give no question as to what actually happened that sad day.  I do believe we need to find a way to stop the police violence on citizens that we see so much more of nowadays.  I think it should be federal law that every single police vehicle in America should have dash cams as well as every single officer should have a body cam.  They are suppose to uphold the law and not to be the law.  They need to be held accountable to the same exact standards that every American is held to.  I do not believe that the people of Ferguson and anyone who came from out of town should have been taking advantage of the situation and using that opportunity to pillage and plunder for their own gain.  The police should not look like the military and should not have met the great number of protesters with such force to instill fear.  You almost got the feeling that the police were the real terrorists.  The media should show more of the positive sides of situations similar to this one.  I also do not believe that it should be such an uproar just because an unarmed black male was murdered by a cop.  Please do NOT get me wrong for that statement, I am far from racist.  I grew up a white child in mostly black neighborhoods, the woman I love and plan to spend the rest of my life with is black, and I have four beautiful multi-racial children that I would die for.  But why do we not see about white people that are killed by the police? Why do we only see them portrayed as mass murderers shooting up schools and movie theaters?  Why do we usually only see black males portrayed as gang bangers, thugs, criminals, and drug dealers?  Shortly after Michael Browns death I saw a video on Facebook of a drunk Hispanic man that was unarmed and shot to death for no apparent reason by two cops.  Why did that not get mass media coverage and why did the Hispanic communities across the country not riot?  White, brown, yellow, red, black, blue, or green we are all human and we are all murdered everyday.  We even kill each other everyday but we don’t riot or protest or make a big fuss over that.  Race is not the culprit unless you make it out to be.  The real culprit is the government and the media because they have the ability to do what they wish and turn any story or situation into what they want it to be.

Please feel free to comment below and leave your thoughts, opinions, criticism, or whatever.  All of these issues need to be addressed and no change will ever happen if we do not come together as AMERICANS and demand the change.


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